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Our Guide to Choosing The Best Betting Apps This Christmas

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With tons of great sport coming up over the Christmas season — because who doesn’t like a good Boxing Day match — chances are that you’re going to want to have a bit of a flutter. It could make the Christmas season a bit more fun for you, but how do you choose from the whopping number of betting apps that the UK now has? Well, it can be quite hard. The UK probably has more betting apps than any other country. That’s what you get when you have a nation of gamblers. Luckily, you have us. We’re going to tell you everything that you need to think about when tracking down the best betting apps this Christmas.

Is the bookie licensed?

All bookies in the UK need to be licensed by the UKGC. If they aren’t licensed, they can’t legally operate in the country. It also means anybody that is gambling there doesn’t have any legal protection should something go a bit wrong, so always make sure that the betting app you choose is licensed. The app will clearly say, so this part shouldn’t be too tricky.

How is mobile gambling offered?

In the past, most mobile betting was done through an app; however, this can be somewhat inconvenient to some. You need to download an app and keep it up to date after all.

Now, many online bookies have turned to the idea of offering a mobile-optimised website instead of an app. This tends to be a lot more convenient. It functions pretty much like an app too.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter too much about how the mobile gambling is offered. What matters is that there is a way to gamble on the go. Most top bookies will let you do that.

What sports are available at the online betting platform

In the UK, most people are probably going to be betting on the footie, horse racing, rugby and maybe a dash of cricket. Most online bookmakers with betting apps in this country will offer all these options. However, if you want to dabble in some other sports, such as basketball or American football, then you may need to hunt around a little.

Don’t forget that you shouldn’t just be thinking about the types of sport available here. You should also think about the bets that you can make. Nowadays, we spend a lot of our time gambling on websites that offer at least live betting on mobile devices. This way, we can have a flutter while watching a game on TV. We know it isn’t for everybody but try it sometime. It is incredibly fun to gamble while you have a tactical overview of the action!

What are the betting odds like?

The whole reason many of us are gambling is to have fun and try to win a few bets. Now, it doesn’t really matter if we don’t win. That happens with gambling. It is just nice to potentially grab some cash. This is why it is so important to us that any site that we do choose has good betting odds. After all, it is the betting odds that dictate exactly how much is going to end up in our pockets.

You may want to be registered for a few different online bookmakers. This way, you can take advantage of the best odds at all times. However, if you can only choose one app, have a gander at the betting odds they offer for the sports and teams that you normally bet on, and see which site has the best odds most of the time. Nowadays, you will rarely see that much difference between them unless there is some promotion being offered.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

This part is pretty simple, and it isn’t something that you’ll need to worry about too much. Unless you want to use some fancy withdrawal or deposit method, most online bookie apps in the UK will support your debit card or bank account as well as ewallets such as Neteller, PayPal and Skrill. Just bear in mind that there is no bookmaker in the UK that will take your credit card as a payment method. This is due to laws set by the government to help stop problem gambling.

The promotions available at the online betting app

Finally, have a look at the promotions offered by the online betting app. This means the incentives that you get for signing up, such as matched deposits, any rewards you get for being a regular gambler or enhanced betting odds.

All decent bookmakers in the UK will have a betting promotion or two that you can take advantage of, such as special odds or bonuses if your favourite player like Rasmus Hojlund scores a hattrick, so make sure that you take advantage of them!

Our top choices for betting apps this Christmas

Now, to the main event. We’re going to walk you through the best UK betting apps. These are the sites that are worth checking out this Christmas. They all have some great promotions, and they all offer a stellar collection of sports bets, great betting odds and more. Some of these sites are ones you will have heard of, others may be new to you. All of them are great.


Right at the top of the list we have BetUK, which is one of our favourite websites when we’re doing an acca or two as they have better odds than some sites. BetUK offers fantastic betting odds across the board, and they are always happy to throw a betting promo or two in your direction. We know it is a site that many of our readers will not have heard about. However, once you are registered here, you’re going to love it.


bet365 has been heralded as one of the best betting apps in the UK, and it isn’t hard to see why. The site has one of the largest selections of betting markets out of all the betting apps. It is also a top name. Register for bet365 today and you could be putting yourself in line for up to £30 in free bets. They are also the only platform to offer a rather nifty bet builder feature that lets you create some of the most unique accumulators ever.

William Hill

William Hill is a bookie that’s been a staple of British high streets for years. They are just as great online. Get free bets, enhanced odds and more when you register. You can even watch live horse racing alongside a few other sports if you want. They have a fantastic app that is one of the easiest to use out of all the online bookies in the UK.


Coral is another high street staple. While they offer bets across a wide number of sports markets, we highly recommend Coral for those that are looking to bet on horse racing. Coral is one of the premier horse racing betting companies in the country. Sign up today, and you could get your hands on a £20 free bet, which isn’t too shabby. It is also one of only a few platforms that lets you request bets, just in case they do not have an open market for it.

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