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How The Fifa World Cup 2018 Has Played Such A Key Role In The Rejuvenation Of Paul Pogba


One of the key figures who have played a talismanic role in the success of the French side in winning the World Cup has to be Paul Pogba. 2018 World Cup in Russia saw Paul Pogba coming to age and coming back to where he was before, during his time at Turin where he was a catalyst for Juventus.

The football world witnessed a new Paul Pogba completely different from the one who was dropped by Jose Mourinho in the mix of last season, who lost a bit of his game and magic during his spell at Manchester United. This Pogba at Russia looked more mature, more determined and much more evolved.

It looks like he has finally realised that he is not just good enough to do some tricks with the ball but now it looks like he is good enough to defend too. He is playing for the team, leading the team by example and the example might be to defend Fellaini for the three-quarters of the game because sometimes it is the way that will win you the game.

As a midfielder one has to judge the game very early and decide what sort of game it is going to be, can he showcase his skills, can he take too many touches on the ball, can he delay his next pass, does he have to play quickly, does he have to play around the corner, does he have to go with the runners and cover them.

Sometimes it is not going to be the game where the midfielder can afford to take many touches of the ball but he has to dig in for a hard game which is what Paul Pogba did in this edition of the World Cup. He didn’t always have sensational games but he did the right thing at the right time while enjoying the game.

Early in this World Cup during the group stages, Paul Pogba seemed to be dwelling on the ball too long to bring a second defender on him and to show that he was strong enough to hold the ball. He would then try to make the pass or dribble through but as tournament progressed went on and he understood that this was not going to work and he had to change his play and adapt to the game and moreover.

If the opposition where he got a player on him or got a player to sit around him, he then started to focus more on the defensive duties and free up the other midfielders and let them create and Pogba did this a lot better as the tournament went on.

The one thing that Paul Pogba never lacked was the confidence and this one thing regardless of his ups and downs never really wavered. In addition to his confidence there is one more thing that Paul Pogba would be surely taking home with him from Russia and that would be one can do a job outside their comfort zone and one can be more intuited with the needs of the team and still enjoy the beautiful game and still get results.

This not only benefits him but also Manchester United as he continued his form with United in first match of season against United against Leicester.

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