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Everything to Know, Prediction and What’s Being Said Ahead of Tottenham vs Manchester Untied

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Manchester United have been unstoppable ever since Ole Solskjaer took over as the caretaker manager of the club. Today, United are going to face Tottenham Hotspur, who are currently standing third in the league table. The Tottenham vs Man Utd clash is going to be a really interesting match as it would be Solskjaer’s first match against one of the league leaders and definitely proves to be a very crucial fixture for United’s standings in the league.

Currently, Manchester United stand 6th in the league table with only 3 points behind Arsenal. If they win this fixture, they could replace Arsenal and move closer to securing a place for a Champions League slot.

Moreover, the Reds have had a terrible defeat in their last fixture against the North London team, so this might be a good time for United to make things even. Mauricio Pochettino has been linked to United for a permanent managerial position and securing a win against United might just prove him to be the right choice.

On the other hand, Ole Solskjaer has to win the Tottenham Vs Man Utd fixture to show Ed Woodward that he is the man fit for the job.

Both the teams have a good record so far, which makes the results even more difficult to predict. If it were the Old United, I would clearly give Tottenham the win, but watching United play with such energy makes me think that they are not going to settle for a stalemate.

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Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba are certainly thriving under Solskjaer and would certainly put up a good show at London tonight in the Tottenham Vs Man Utd game.

This is what Solskjaer said during the pre-match press conference:

“You always adapt to any opposition. We play one of the best teams in the league. Of course, we have got to be aware of their strengths.”

“But we need to attack teams. That is our strength, going forward as a team when you look at us now, with the way we have played.”

So, there is a good chance that the Red Devils are going to try hard to control the Tottenham Vs Man Utd game and keep the ball to themselves. We surely can’t underestimate Tottenham as they haven’t conceded a defeat in a long time.

All the players from United seem to be match ready and they don’t seem to be missing out on any of the crucial players, except Alexis Sanchez. It would be exciting to watch Lukaku come in during the match, as he has been quite the goal scoring man for United in his recent fixtures.

Finally, I would like to say that the Tottenham Vs Man Utd match could go either way. The match surely would have a couple of goals, but I think we should be expecting a 2-2 by the end of the night.

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