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BREAKING | Arsenal Issue Official Statement Regarding Gazidis Moving To AC Milan Which Basically Means This

Gazidis, Ivan Gazidis to AC Milan,

Amid Intense and constant speculation and new reports about Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis ditching the ship and heading off to Italy, Arsenal have issued an official statement in order to put an end to the constant speculation for now and deal with this head on.[spacer height=”30px”]

Milan have recently been taken over by an American hedge fund called Elliot Management and it is believed that they have been intensely pushing for Arsenal Chief Executive to take over as their Managing Director over their new investment. [spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]Ivan Gazidis, who arrived at the Emirates in 2008, was the man who replaced Arsene Wenger with new boss Unai Emeryand has actively let the reshuffle behind the scenes over the past one year and a half or so by bringing in a variety of new faces in order to put in a meticulous and efficient organizational structure in place instead of the one man policy that Arsene Wenger had enjoyed for over two decades.[spacer height=”30px”]

The arrival of Head coach Unai Emery had been preceded with the arrival of head Scout Sven Mislintat, Head of footballing operations Raul Sanllehi, Chief Negotiator and transfer fixer Huss Fahmy and a host of other personal in various roles all around.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]And now it seems the man that has brought them all to the club and set up a beautiful transitional structure in place for change of guard and basically one with all the power for himself finally will now apparently head off to Italy according to reports in Sky Sports.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]However in a bid to put an end to all speculations regarding this and in order to prevent this from affecting the squad pre-season preparation in Singapore, Arsenal Chairman Chips Keswick has gone on record to categorically deny all speculation linking Ivan Gazidis to AC Milan or anywhere for that matter.[spacer height=”30px”]

While basically confirming that Ivan Gazidis had received offers from somewhere the Arsenal Chairman has publicly issued the following statement denying any acceptance of any sort of deal from Ivan Gazidis as per his knowledge that is ofcourse.[spacer height=”30px”]

Here is the full statement as said on the Arsenal official website :[spacer height=”30px”]

“We are aware of the speculation surrounding our chief executive Ivan Gazidis.

We know he receives many offers from organisations inside and outside the game as he’s a hugely respected figure. 

He has never accepted any of these opportunities and has never spoken about them publicly.

He has always been fully committed to taking Arsenal forward and is currently working hard in Singapore with our new head coach Unai Emery as we prepare for the new season.”[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]So what does this mean, well basically while Gazidis may not have publicly informed anyone on then Arsenal board yet if the statement is to be believed, it is quite possible that a deal between him and the Elliot Management trust is in the works and pending official confirmation.[spacer height=”30px”]

AC Milan want Ivan Gazidis | Why Arsenal should let him leave

[spacer height=”30px”]For now this seems like a publicity stance by the club bracing themselves for damage control while at the same time giving themselves time to prepare for the way forward. While all that Glitters is not gold, gold does glitter so for all the news agencies based in Milan, from the United States to be reporting the same series of news about a agreement for Gazidis to be officially declared as the new head of affairs at AC Milan in the coming days, it is quite obvious that something has happened and the best way to reveal to the public is now being decided.[spacer height=”30px”]

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[spacer height=”30px”]From this statement it seems either Arsenal are completely unaware about the links between Gazidis and the Elliot Trust and have been kept completely out of the loop as Gazidis continues to deal with them or they have finally been made aware of the actual scenario and in order to prevent distraction and constant speculation at every news conference, disarray on the tour and speculation between the players and fans, Arsenal have decided to put the rumors to bed for now in order to salvage a respite from the news hits and buy themselves time by categorically denying any knowledge whatsoever.[spacer height=”30px”]

Quite an hell of a head hunter for Milan to have that they have managed to lure in the most powerful man at Arsenal FC at a time when Ivan Gazidis finally managed to get a taste of all that he had been craving basically for the last decade or so.[spacer height=”30px”]

[spacer height=”30px”]From being the most useless and powerless CEO in the planet to the one doing it all Ivan Gazidis had one hell of a summer to himself and at the end of all that it seems the fans warmth to the club and to him and the unexpected good will of the fan was ultimately too unusual for him to take and made him turn into the biggest snake of them all.[spacer height=”60px”]

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