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Arsenal’s Performance Has Been Overhyped Despite Their Genuine Title Challenge and Here is Why

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Arsenal nearly won the Premier League in the 2022/2023 season, and it was a remarkable season for Mikel Arteta’s men.

The Gunners could not even make the top four in the previous campaign, so it was a major surprise that they could be the main challenger to Manchester City for the league crown.

Liverpool nearly won the quadruple in the previous campaign, and they are the only club that has stopped Manchester City from winning the league since Pep Guardiola won his first English top-flight title.

Fans were expecting the Reds to challenge City again, but Arsenal became their main challenger, and the Gunners had a remarkable season by many standards.

City is one of the best clubs in the world, so we can understand why fans see Arsenal’s performance in the last campaign as one of the best ever.

The Gunners could have won the league if they had finished the campaign the way they had started it.

However, they faltered in the final weeks of the term, and Manchester City overtook them to become the champions of England again.

Arsenal deserves credit for their performance in that campaign, and it could be the start of something new and great at the club after so many years of mediocrity.

However, their performance in that season has been exaggerated for much of the year, and we have to admit that.

It would have been such a beautiful underdog story if the Gunners had beaten City to be crowned champions of England, but that never happened, yet some people want to force everyone to accept that their campaign was one of the best by a Premier League team that never won the league.

Before any club can win the league, there are factors within and outside their control that make it easy for them to triumph, and Arsenal had good luck on so many levels.

For one, it was a season of mediocrity for a majority of the top sides in the Premier League, which is why Newcastle United sneaked into the top four ahead of Liverpool and Tottenham, with Leicester City getting relegated and Chelsea ending the term in mid-table.

Arsenal fans should be proud that they had a reason to buy Arsenal tickets here because not every club gave their fans a reason to do that in the last campaign, but they might struggle to reach that level of competitiveness again.

Why is Arsenal’s 2022/23 season an overrated campaign among football fans around the world?

The poor form of others

For most of the last decade, Arsenal has struggled to come close to winning the league, and they did not participate in the Champions League between 2017 and 2023, but they were nearly magical in the league last season.

The Gunners took full advantage of the struggles of others to deliver one of the best campaigns they have ever had.

Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham all finished outside the top four, and these are clubs we expected would be in the title race.

After taking the title challenge to the final day of the 2021/22 season, we thought Liverpool would be back to compete, but they had their worst season in several years.

Arsenal practically took Liverpool’s place as the Reds failed to shake off a slow start to the season.

Chelsea won the Champions League in 2021. With Thomas Tuchel as their manager at the start of last season, we expected so much from them, but they went through three managers and still finished the term poorly.

They are another club whose terrible form enabled Arsenal to compete for the title as the main antagonist to Manchester City.

Tottenham has finished above Arsenal since the days of Mauricio Pochettino, but Antonio Conte failed to build on qualifying for the Champions League in the previous campaign.

He was sacked, and Harry Kane scored 30 Premier League goals, but Spurs still faltered left and right, and it helped Arsenal to make an impact and nearly win the league.

Although the Gunners were smart, and Mikel Arteta prepared his team to make an impression, if these clubs had been at their best for much of last season, Arsenal may have struggled to even finish inside the top four.

Liverpool’s history of near misses

Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp started their rivalry in the Bundesliga when the German managed Borussia Dortmund, and Pep coached Bayern Munich.

They brought that to England, with Klopp moving to the Premier League a season before the Catalan arrived. Since then, they have treated us to some very impressive Premier League title races.

It is easy to think Arsenal did a remarkable job after collecting 84 points in the last campaign, but Liverpool’s near misses show why their success has been exaggerated by most fans and pundits around the game.

Liverpool had 92 points in 2021/2022 and finished the season second behind Manchester City, who won the league by just a point.

In 2018/2019, Liverpool lost just one league game all season, and they finished the term with 97 league points, which is the highest a team has made and never won the league.

Manchester City won the trophy with 98 points, again that season was decided by a single point and that remarkable Liverpool team, which went on to win the Champions League, will feel they deserve to have won the title.

Arsenal had a good season, but it is not one of the best campaigns by any club in the history of the Premier League because Liverpool has had much better campaigns without winning the league.

Arsenal clearly bottled the league.

Almost everyone seems to think Arsenal did not win the league because of the brilliance of the Manchester City team that went on to win the treble for the first time in their history.

They are the first English club to win it since Manchester United in 1999, so the City side the Gunners challenged to win the title was a brilliant one.

We cannot take it away from Arsenal that they had a brilliant campaign. Sometimes their performances in matches gave us goosebumps and blew us away at other times.

However, Mikel Arteta’s side were league leaders for more than 90 per cent of the season, and they still did not win the trophy.

There is no way to hide the fact that this Arsenal team bottled the title because they had it in their hands in the last few weeks of the season.

Their fans will look back at the draws against Liverpool, West Ham and Southampton towards the end of the season as the reason they did not win the league, and they are right.

That was when the north Londoners began to bottle the title, and it was the wrongest time for any club not to be at its best.

The final weeks of the season also exposed their reliance on certain players, which clearly showed they were not ready to win the title.

The poor form of Bukayo Saka hit Arsenal like a Tsunami, as they could hardly do much in attack when he was unable to deliver the Performances he had done during the start of the campaign.

William Saliba’s injury also shipwrecked the Gunners and effectively made them terrible at the back.

Teams rely on some key men, but to achieve success, every player in your squad must be a good and willing contributor to the team on the pitch.

Arsenal will get another chance to win the league, but the next campaign will be much different because other clubs who did not do well in the last one will sit up, and we expect a much tougher title challenge this time.

Amiya Saha
Avid follower of Manchester United FC. Have blind faith on the Red Devils at any point. Waiting to see Manchester United bring back the Ferguson era. Has a dream to watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford live.

One thought on “Arsenal’s Performance Has Been Overhyped Despite Their Genuine Title Challenge and Here is Why

  1. the biggest problems arsenal had
    1 physicality _ very weak to win fifty fifty ball
    2 lack of precision on passing and controlling the ball
    3 most of shoot to the goal are off target
    4 lack of good and foul free tackle
    5 lack of cohesion and integration amongest the players during attacks and defense
    6 fails to devise a tactic to break the defense of a defensive team

    all these problems should have been improved by giving a proper training but we failed and if these problems are continue to be happened at the year 23/24 season we will even struggle for champions league position leave alone winning the league .

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