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Koscielny Departure Leaves A Nasty Taste At The Emirates After His Disrespectful Video Antics For Bordeaux.

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The surreal and unpleasant departure of Laurent Koscielny from Arsenal plunged to new depths yesterday, after it was announced that Arsenal had cut ties with their former captain for the tidy sum of £4.6m.

The sum was far more than I expected and seemed like a bounty fee for man who has gone from a low level hero to absolute zero by refusing to play for the North London club.

He had his reasons and all will be revealed no doubt as the Frenchman aims barbs at his former employers, because that’s how bad the relationship has got.

I’ve covered this story from the beginning and I’m personally relieved that Koscielny has gone. It closes a chapter and allows the club to look at newer, fresher, younger options.

Koscielny got what he wanted (nearly) he was homeward bound and free but then, perhaps out of relief/frustration or as part of his obligation to his new club, he took part in the most tasteless video to announce his arrival.

The Frenchman stood in an Arsenal shirt, there was a count down and at the end, he peeled the shirt off to reveal a Bordeaux shirt, dropping his former colours to the ground.

Social media lit up like a Christmas tree and the majority of fans turned on Koscielny for his apparent lack of respect. Words like ‘disgusting’ and ‘disgraceful’ were some of the less basic observations, with one fan stating “the most disrespectful s*** I’ve ever seen”.

The point may be lost on many, why should this be seen as the ultimate betrayal ? Look, fans pay a lot of money to support their teams, home and away. They pay money for the merchandise and some of that money goes into the pockets of the players, so to disrespect the shirt, inadvertently disrespects the fans.

it’s also a testimony to the flimsy integrity of the badge kissing professional footballer. Honouring the club and the fans one minute and then looking for a way to engineer a move just like former West Ham favourite Marko Arnautović.

Not so much sporting hero, more of a sporting prostitute with no scruples. The fact is that Koscielny was club captain and his behaviour since the end of the season has been dreadful.

Arsenal have had many worthy captains, far better than Koscielny on almost every level. None have behaved like the Frenchman and in a way, it has tarnished the position.

So, Koscielny is gone and everyone moves on but there was no message to the fans, no kind parting words for those that stuck by him and paid his wages in his absences.

Koscielny revealed his true colours yesterday and I’m not talking about his Bordeaux shirt.

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