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Solskjaer needs to jettison Pogba after the player is told to have an operation by his advisors.

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Ole Gunner Solskjaer looked like a man who had been caught by the security guard trying to exit a store without paying after the Arsenal game. United lost to Arsenal by two goals, in what was a frustrating encounter for the Reds. Paul Pogba was an absentee to the game due to his long standing ankle injury.

He was naturally asked about the one sided contest at the Emirates and managed to skirt around the reasons why United were so poor, but was generous in his praise of Arsenal’s performance.

Then it was the ‘ Pogba time ’ when isn’t it ? Solskjaer knew that his misfiring midfield enigma would come into the conversation at some point. Call the excuse police !

Ole fumbled the answers on his flamboyant star player who has apparently got an ankle injury. The United boss gave generally fluffy yet diplomatic answers when asked about Pogba,

“We’ve had scans, it’s nothing serious but it has to be dealt with within a time frame. He’s been advised to do it as soon as and he’ll probably do it as soon as.”

Hardly a specific timeframe. So when will he be back ?The face of Solskjaer said it all, it seemed like he did not have a single clue about his return.

“He’ll be out for three or four weeks…probably.”

Solskjaer then just tried to drop his next comment off nonchalantly, like one of football’s many cliches by revealing that Pogba had been advised by his own personal team to have an operation.

Wait a minute, I thought it wasn’t serious ! Well it turns out Pogba is the subject of a tug of war between his own consultant and United’s and that he is following his own counsel not that if his employers.

Also, Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola had his say about Pogba links with Real Madrid and they were not at positive at all. He said,

“Paul (Pogba) wants to be successful and happy and wants to win prizes and he would love to do that with Manchester United,o kay, there was big interest from Real Madrid and Manchester didn’t let him go. We didn’t make a fuss about it and he didn’t make a fuss about it because I work in accordance with the player.”

If it were me, I’d transfer him out of Old Trafford in a heart beat for trying his best to be more important than the club. If Ferguson was still in charge Pogba would be long gone. It was Ferguson who got rid of him in the first place for his attitude and behind closed doors the Scot concluded he wasn’t worth the effort.

Solskjaer is not Ferguson in any shape or form and if he stays in the post for twenty years, he still wouldn’t come close. However, it’s not all about success, Solskjaer is in danger of becoming a doormat for the Frenchman. There needs to be a line in the sand and this could be it.

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